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Women Empowerment Programs

AFECoD Initiatives

AFECoD initiated Long-term goals in empowering the community in education. This campaign is through engaging youth and women in educating the community the glory of knowledge from early childhood development to high school. In pursuing higher studies, AFECoD supports the community by giving information about scholarships in different countries and helping them in the process of obtaining scholarships. Initiating Mid-term goals by engaging community based development projects designed to support the community in improving their long term financial sustainability by engaging in profitable business activities. The Short-term goals are implemented through humanitarian and social responsibility projects such as food distribution by feeding the poor during month of Ramadhan and EId Al-Adha program.

Women Empowerment Programs (WEP)

WEP intends to coordinates regional and national efforts to integrate gender representation and women’s empowerment into poverty reduction, crisis prevention and recovery, and environment and sustainable development. Through our community support, we work to ensure that women have an opportunity to enhance their education to be independent and participation in all governance institutions, from judiciary to the civil service, as well as in the private sector and decision-making and influence the decisions that will determine the future of their families and the community at large.

Women empowerment is focused in the following areas:

1. Women and Education

As one of its major initiative in integrated learning system, AFECod is planning to give women an upper hand in education. Being the future mothers, educating women is very important as it will benefit not only them but also their future children and society. It will also give them higher chances of getting jobs which later makes them independent and contribute a lot in their families thus enhancing joined community development. Giving women education will also make them to be part of the different community problem solving boards as they will be given chances to make decisions and contribution depending on the area of study and specialization.

2. Women and Leadership

Leadership has been populated with men than women in the world due to their level of education and societal norms. AFECod through its initiative is intending to give women the best and equal education so that they can get recognition in the government and community leadership. Position like women representative in governance can only be well occupied if the society appoints not only women in leadership positions but women leaders who are educated and ready to help solve women problems in the society thus contribute the development of our societies. AFECod will also organize sensitization programs to women so that the community can have the awareness of women in leadership.

3. Women Contribution and Society Development

Women are the key pillars in our society today. Men should not be the only key contributors to the society but women should also be merged in the process since they will have a special portion in the development. Sectors like health care can well serve women if given chances to study and practice medical studies. Through education and sensitization programs, AFECod is planning to help and include women in different programs, and educational scholarship opportunities so that women can get better health education to treat their children and fellow women in the society. This will contribute a lot in women inclusion and society development.

4. Women Empowerment and Economy

AFECoD plans to provide opportunities for positive change by providing a pathway for women and girls to access and take control of productive assets. It does this by providing a channel for women and girls to become financially included, build assets that enables them build a sustainable livelihood. The Program is aligned to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 which focuses on ending poverty in all its manifestations, SDG 5 which focus on the reduction of gender inequalities and SDG 8 which focuses on sustainable economic growth. AFECoD is developing a Women Empowerment Strategy to complement its efforts in reaching out to women and girls.

The Organization works towards building positive changes to Women and Girls through financial inclusion and economic empowerment initiatives that address needs of chronic livelihood insecure women and girls constrained by lack of access to and control over productive assets, basic services and denial of rights living in urban informal and rural settings.

This will be done by building the capacities of poor communities using AFECoD Methodology as an entry point. We build on the network of GS & L to bring on board a broad range of interventions that include: Financial Education/Literacy, Rural Sales Agents, Micro enterprise development, Linkages to formal financial institutions, Market engagement and Poverty Graduation Models. Our work is driven by innovative approaches to reach our target group while leveraging on technology.