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Proposed Plan

Project - Proposed Plan

In an effort to fully realize the mentioned broad objectives and to serve African Communities effectively, African Foundation for Education and Community Development (AFECoD) is committed to undertake a project to put up an Integrated School, comprising of a grand mosque, unique educational facilities from Nursery school to University and empowering youth and women respectively.

Kwale County has some of the finest sea beaches and lucrative hotels for the tourism industry in Kenya. South Coast beaches are at the heart of tourism industry in the county.
Though the industry is well developed in the area, it is hardly benefiting the local people. Instead it benefits people from outside the area who own most of the tourism investments. Many of the local youth drop out of school either due to miserable poverty of their parents or vivid lack awareness. In consequence, the youth pursue beach trade and many of them ends up taking up jobs that require no technical skills such as cleaners and messengers .etc. Some of them ends up in early marriage or indulge in sex trade and drug abuse.

One other consequence of this business is the rapid spread of HIV / AIDS among the youth and middle-aged adults in the community who lack education. Surveys in the town’s rural health centre (sentient site) show a prevalence rate of 9.5%. And for mothers attending antenatal care clinic 23.5% are HIV positive. Surely this is dreadful. This has led to an increase in number of destitute (orphans). Urgent measures must be taken to reverse the trends of the community.

African Foundation for Education and Community Development (AFECoD) was therefore formed to provide an opportunity to the community to acquire proper education thus empower the youths and enhance community development so that we can achieve and be in line with the government’s goals of the vision 2013 and the Kenyan Constitution.

Goals and Objectives

  • To empower the youths and the community with education.
  • To offer the best education to the community.
  • To equip the youths with the required and desired learning skills for the development of their future.
  • To distance the youth from early marriages, drugs and casual job opportunities.

Proposed Plan ( IDEA)

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