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African Foundation for Education and Community Development (AFECoD), is a non-profitable organization initiated and registered in Kenya by its board of trustees. Dr. Ibrahim Bulushi, Dr. Siraje, Mr. Mugahid, Dr. Bachir Soualhi and Mr. Ali Ngare are the members of AFECoD.

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.”

Dr. Ibrahim Bulushi at Finterra for the financial technology concepts.

Conference in Turkey for International city and civil society organization 

AFECoD Founder as well as CEO of Wakf Commissioners of Kenya at Nairobi, Kenya for the CVE under bravement.

Dr. Ibrahim at Khartoum, sudan in the International university of Africa for the establishment of Waqf Bank of Africa as He is the CEO of WCK.

CEO of WCK at Madrasatul Munawwar for the Mombasa Learning Centre program.

Dr. Bulushi with the ambassodor of Malaysia.

Dr Ibrahim Bulushi with the founder of International Centre for Youth Dr. Maliki

Collaboration with the Mohammadia Movement in indonesia.

AFECoD Founder with Professor kahari ans the Dato Feroz.

IIUM for educating community in Malaysia.

The Nama Foundation collaboration with the AFECoD Founder.

Pwani FM studio with sister Dalila discussion on capacity development


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  • African Foundation for Education and Community Development
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